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Are you looking for a smart checklist to ensure your podcast production is professional quality and stress-free?

Download our Practical Podcasting Checklist to ensure you podcast production is consistent and sounding its very best every episode. 

Practical podcasting

There is a lot to do when you are just starting a podcast or producing solo ...

Nobody wants to make mistakes or have a lousy recording session! 


And wouldn’t it be great to have a professional podcast producer on-demand to oversee the production?


I can’t be there in person, BUT I do have my tried and tested podcasting checklist to make sure you never miss a beat every time you press record.

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Hi, I’m Matt, Podcast Producer, Audio Engineer, Creative Coach and Founder of KULT Media. I have over 16 years of content creation for radio, tv, film, online, games and podcasts, delivering audio solutions for emerging media platforms and developing audiences.


I have produced Emmy award-winning music features, BAFTA nominated animations, iTunes chart-topping podcasts, acclaimed festival documentaries and multi-million dollar branded campaigns.


Audio-first media & podcast production is growing fast and creating an incredible platform for content to reach your followers.


I work with small businesses, marketing professionals and creative entrepreneurs, like you, make authentic content that aligns perfectly with their brands.  

There is no “right” way, only the way that works for you; my approach is to be adaptable, innovative & collaborative. 



Getting starting with any content creation can be overwhelming.


Now is a great time to start a podcast, YouTube channel or build a community via social media.


And there has never been more information, education and training available. 


So much in fact, that you can never be sure if the free training you watch or article you read is really relevant to you, your brand and your content. 


That’s why we offer our personalised Podcast Launch Strategy Package to help you save time, minimise mistakes and launch a premium podcast.


Package includes: 

Coaching / Kit Recommendations / Step By Step Guides / Launch Checklists / Training & Workshops / On-going Support



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