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"I provide bespoke coaching for INBOUND MARKETING to boost your business growth"

Your Sherpa in the World of Content Creation and Podcasting

Unlock your brand’s potential and engage your audience like never before with Kult Media. 


Led by me, Matt Cheney, a seasoned audio professional, we provide tailored, 1-2-1 coaching and consultancy services to small businesses, marketing professionals, and creative entrepreneurs. 



My mission is not only to guide you but to empower you, helping you discover and amplify your unique voice through strategies that captivate your audience. From planning to production, we’ve got you covered with bespoke strategies and tactics for your business.



Let’s make your brand unforgettable together.

  • Navigate the complex world of brand growth and audience engagement with ease.
  • Leverage the expertise of a veteran media professional to elevate your brand’s presence.
  • Receive tailored 1-2-1 coaching and consultancy, designed to ignite your business’s potential.
  • Amplify your unique voice with strategies that resonate with your target audience.
  • Master inbound marketing, content creation, podcasting, and personal branding with expert guidance.
  • Experience a seamless content creation process from strategy to execution.
  • Enjoy the ride with a light-hearted approach that still delivers serious results.

Inbound Marketing & Podcast Coaching

Coaching packages start from £750

Podcast Production & Editing

Production packages start from £250 per episode

Ready to take your brand to new heights? Let’s make some inbound magic together!

Podcasts I Have Helped


Audio Post Production

Matt Cheney is one of the best sound mixers I have ever worked with.

He has flair and imagination and an incredible ear.

For me he has worked on major music documentaries (Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender , which actually won an Emmy and the Rose D’Or for Best Arts Documentary,) and on the other end of the scale a BBC comedy series called ’The Life of Rock with Brian Pern'."

Rhys Thomas Writer/Producer/Director

Podcast Production

Matt is outstanding.

In a lifetime of making documentaries I have worked with many excellent sound mixers and he is as good as it gets. He is hugely knowledgeable about technology and software.

He is skilful, creative and has a well-tuned sensibility, knowing exactly the right cocktail of voice, music and sound effects to deliver maximum impact.

Above all, he is very generous with his time and expertise and good fun to work with.

Richard Belfield Author & Director

Podcast Production

Reliable, dependable and professional.

Matt’s audio editing and production skills have been an essential and valuable asset to my business and virtual production team over the past few years.

His experience, having worked with a number of high profile and reputable media production companies and broadcast organisations, is evident in his highly efficient turnaround times; with no compromise to delivering on quality results.

A pleasure to work and collaborate with and full of new ideas to improve efficiency and workflow; Matt is friendly and approachable.

Rob Lawrence Owner Podcast Plus LTD

Podcast Production

As an author looking for fresh and dynamic ways to tell my stories in audio format, I found Matt to be an absolute pleasure to work with from day one.

A true professional with a passion for audio storytelling, Matt's expertise is not only bolstered by his years of experience but also by an enthusiasm that is reflected in his vibrant yet meticulous production. His neat touches and attention to every detail in the script adds subtle layers to the storytelling experience, and I highly recommend him to any writer looking for a collaborative partner who can help bring their audio treatments to life.

Don't take my word for it – listen to Unsung and hear for yourself what Matt can do!

Alexis James Journalist & Author of Unsung: Not All Heroes Wear Kits (Pitch Publishing, 2022)


    We create award-winning podcasts, design bespoke content strategies, deliver dynamic audio post-production services to global brands and coach passionate experts & entrepreneurs to become leading podcasters.


    Features & Benefits

    The Power Of Content Creation

    • Professional Podcast Platform

      Expert guidance & bespoke coaching: Your podcast production will look and sound incredible with a premium content platform to speak directly to your audience.

    • Practical Podcasting Experience

      Research, develop, host and launch your podcast without wasting time, making frustrating mistakes and overspending.

    • Confident Leadership

      Utilise your podcasts to become the go-to person in your industry or niche as well as developing strong leadership habits.

    • Grow Your Audience

      Establish and engage your followers by showing up and bringing the goods every episode. Be present and serve the needs of others. How will you educate, entertain and help your audience?

    • Accessible Content

      Unlike video & text-based only content, audio is more widely consumed and accessed during everyday activities. Combined with a strong repurposing strategy, podcasts & audio is the best marketing medium in terms of reach, attention, time and cost.

    • Increase Leads

      Become known, understood, liked and trusted in your industry. Podcasting can be one of your traffic sources to reach your target audience, generate more relevant leads, increasing sales and higher lifetime value clients.

    • Make A Positive Impact

      As a podcaster you will share your passion & expertise. By educating & supporting others you can make a difference in the lives of your followers.

    • Build Powerful Connections

      By engaging, solving problems and having meaningful conversations with your guests and audience, helping to solve problems and creating a strong sense of community.

    • Create A Legacy

      Successful content creation & a high quality podcast can develop relationships while you sleep, help customers out of office hours and be valuable far in to the future.

    • Command Attention

      Audio holds attention up to 5 times longer than video. The average listener listens to a podcast is 43mins compared with 13mins watch time for video and 1min or less for social media.





    The podcasting blueprint designed for small businesses and marketing professionals seeking brand recognition and business growth. 

    This step by step strategy will ensure you make the best first impression when you launch and reduce any costly mistakes during the podcast development process.



    • Podcast Success Strategy Workbook
    • How To Be A Leading Podcast Host Video Workshop
    • The Practical Podcasting Checklist Video Workshop
    • Access To Private “Confident Creators” Community 

    How I Work

    The KULT Media Experience



    No matter what the project is, I want to get to know you and your objectives. It is fundamental to our business to know you and who you are trying to reach.


    Starting with a Discovery Call, I outline the scope of the work, deliverables and timelines.


    I want a deeper understanding of the person behind the content, the people you want to reach and contributors that will be right for your brand.


    With this insight, I can develop a inbound marketing strategy, production workflow, resources & budget quotation tailored to your exact needs.




    I take our COACH insights and development progressing onto the creative concepts and production.


    Making the plan become a reality through ongoing coaching and accountability sessions or production service and professional post-production.


    Ensuring every piece of content is of the highest standard.


    Being a podcaster, I know how important communication is.


    I will make sure you are informed and updated as I progress with your content creator project.




    Reviewing and delivering your content is not the end of our collaboration.


    Publishing to social media and all the major distributors, like Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music. Or maybe your own private internal channels.


    Content should be the start of a conversation between you and your audience

    Engagement is key to the success of all digital marketing, including podcasting, video and social media.

    KULT Media offers ongoing support for creators, and promotional materials and can integrate with existing marketing channels to increase the impact of your content or podcast.



    Products & Services

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    Podcast Launch Strategy Blueprint

    Thinking of starting a podcast? This is my tried and tested roadmap for new podcaster. Save time, minimise mistakes and launch a premium podcast.

    Coaching / Kit Recommendations / Step By Step Guides / Launch Checklists / Training & Workshops / On-going Support

    ON OFFER @ £45
    Buy Now


    Inbound Marketing, Content & Social Media Strategy

    Custom-made repurposing strategy & utilising social media to enhance your marketing efforts, increase reach and engage your followers.

    Repurposing / Content Strategy / Social Media Marketing / Brand Development / Channel Management / Paid Ads Marketing Campaign

    Starting from £250
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    1-2-1 Podcast Coaching

    Author Brand Blueprint's 6 WEEK Coaching Programme Helps Authors Build A Strong Personal Brand That Connects With Their Audience, Increases Book Sales, And Amplifies Their Content..

    Content Creation & Podcasting / Email List Growth / Social Media Marketing / SEO & Website Optimisation / Content Strategy / Monetisation & Marketing / Audience Research / Engagement Strategies / P2P Marketing / Brand Design

    Starting from £1999
    Learn More


    Professional Podcast Post Production

    Detailed podcast editing, mixing and mastering to make your podcast sound its best. Audio only and video podcast formats.

    Professional Editing / Assembly / Music / Sound Design / Audio Restoration / Clean Up Mistakes / Editorial / Promos / Broadcast Standards

    Starting from £160
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    Full-service podcast production.

    From idea to ear, we do it all. Turning your passion into podcasts. Everything you need to establish and engage your audience.

    Branding / Development / Design / Recording & Podcast Production / Post Production / Distribution / Promotion / Marketing

    Starting from £649
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    Learn Audio Post Production

    A Beginners Guide To Professional Audio Editing Using Avid Pro Tools For Podcasting And Video Post Production

    81 video tutorials, covering 13 modules, with over 6hrs of education

    Installation / User Interface / Recording / Editing / Mixing / Exporting / Troubleshooting

    ON OFFER @ £17
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    KULT Founder

    Over 16 years of content creation for radio, tv, film, online, games and podcasts, delivering audio solutions for emerging media platforms and developing audiences.


    Emmy award-winning music features, BAFTA nominated animations, iTunes chart-topping podcasts, acclaimed festival documentaries and multi-million dollar branded campaigns.


    Audio-first media & podcast production is growing fast and creating an incredible platform for content to reach your followers.


    I have a passion for sharing my experience to help people like you build a leading brand, create a platform and most importantly, develop meaningful relationships.


    I am your podcasting & content creation guide, mentor, sherpa and KULT Creator. I help passionate expert brands and businesses, like you, make authentic content that aligns perfectly with their ambitions.  


    There is no “right” way, only the way that works for you; my approach is to be adaptable, innovative & collaborative. 


    Matt Cheney


    Pro Tools Primer

    A beginners guide to professional audio editing in Avid Pro Tools for podcasts & video post production

    Pro Tools Primer Float

    Our Official Podcast

    The KULT Creator Experience™

    In this podcast series, I will be sharing the experience of successful content creators and influential digital leaders.


    In each episode, I will share with you insights into the creators’ mindset, their audience, their creative processes, channel growth strategies and their lessons learnt along the way.


    Join me in my latest episode on my quest to reveal the link between successful content creation and inspirational digital leadership.

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    Podcasting Statistics

    The Rise of Podcasting

    Empowering entrepreneurs, brands & creators to captivate and grow their audience; Podcasting is the fastest growing media.



    With big names like Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan and Anna Faris growing their existing audiences through podcasting, it’s fair to say podcasting is more popular than ever before.



    There are over 2.5 million podcasts, with 34 million episodes, in more than 100 languages and there are no signs of slowing down.



    Podcasting is incredibly accessible; it’s more cost-effective than video, it has a greater reach & consumption, and limitless content repurposing possibilities.


    Weekly UK Listeners

    With an increase of 45% from 2019 to 2020, UK growth of podcasting is rapid.

    $ 1 billion

    Ad Revenue

    An estimated global ad spend for 2021 and $1.33 billion in 2022. Stats show a 14% increase in purchase intent from podcast ads.   

    + 0 %

    Monthly Growth

    55% US population have listened to podcasts, up from 33% in 2019, 
     an estimated 60 million homes.

    $ 0 +

    Annual Household Income

    Podcast listeners are 45% more likely to have a household income of more than $250k pa. 

    0 %

    Post Graduate Degree

    Podcast listeners are educated to degree level or higher. One of the most common reasons for listening is to learn. 

    + 0 hrs

    Weekly Consumption

    As well as listening to an average of 7 different shows per week. 80% of listeners listen to the entire episode. 


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