How To Have An Impact With Your Podcast – Rob Lawrence

How to have an impact

Do you love sharing your knowledge with the world and impacting people’s lives? But you are wondering how I can do that, and maybe imposter syndrome is hitting you hard to think who are you to do that?

If you said yes in your head, you would love to tune into today’s episode. 

This week, I have an interview with a podcast producer, podcast host, and certified life coach, Rob Lawrence, who helps high-achieving creative professionals, coaches, and leaders tell their stories and create content worth listening to.


Rob shared his fascinating story, from being in IT to becoming a life coach who helps others redefine their lives. During his training to become a coach, Rob fell in love with podcasts, listening to other people’s stories. He wanted to understand how creatives can make money doing what they love, so he launched his podcast Inspirational creatives, which now has more than 300 episodes, millions of downloads, and countless impacts on their listener.


While Rob has succeeded, he has had a rollercoaster ride dealing with imposter syndrome. He overcomes it by realizing it is blocking him from helping others. 

People easily fall into vanity metrics when starting podcasts, but Rob has one determinant – impacting people’s lives. His focus is always on the listener, and he often interviews them to understand how he can help them better.


Rob shared his process of creating a podcast, from generating an idea to editing and marketing it. He also shared how delegating some of the post-production work frees him to focus on his zone of genius. We also discussed some methods anyone looking to grow their show could use. 

So tune in to this episode to start making an impact with your podcast. 


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Here are some quick highlights from this episode:

  • [02:39]-Rob Lawrence’s journey of starting his podcast
  • [11:00]-What prompted Rob to choose Podcasts over other formats?
  •  (14:21) –How can you overcome imposter syndrome in your journey of creating content?
  • [18:45]- How would you define success as a podcaster in your opinion?
  • [20:21]-How can you use your podcast as an asset in your coaching business 
  • [24:05]-Would it be helpful if you provided longer show notes or not?
  • [25:10]-How much planning is involved during the pre-production phase?
  • [26:34]- How to make post-production easy with tools and processes?
  • [29:19]- How to achieve great audio even before you edit it?
  • [29:19]- One secret way to pick the right microphone for your pod
  • [31:31] –How long do you typically spend on the post-production side of your podcast?
  • [34:51] –What does curating content mean to you?
  • [36:45]-How can podcasters engage their audiences to keep the conversation going?
  • [41:50]- Other Methods to increase your podcast visibility
  • [47:40]-How to be strategic about your podcast?
  • [51:56]-How to keep yourself accountable for publishing episodes consistently?
  • [56:45]- How do you define a good leader?


  • The biggest obstacle to success is having this fixed idea of who we should be vs. what is happening.
  • We can sometimes get a little bit too set in our ways about who we should be when if we just let go of that stuff and just do what do you enjoy doing.
  • The number one rule for podcasting is consistency, and you can be inconsistently consistent.
  •  Learned the value of asking for help in creating a podcast. It’s a lot more fun when you get other people involved.
  • The moment you put some content out there, people start regarding you as an expert. And while it might give you credibility, it also comes with responsibility because you must be careful about how you curate and what you’re saying, and you must be able to stand behind what you put out there.
  •  A podcast is a beginning of a conversation.
  •  Listening and making – are a really important part of being a good leader.
  • Good leaders have to have courage. Good leaders, in my eyes, are the people that go first. So you have to be brave and stick to what you believe in. If you feel there’s a gap in the world, dare to go and say, right, I’m going to do something about that.


 Rob Lawrence is a podcast producer, podcast host and certified life coach who helps high-achieving creative professionals, coaches and leaders of enterprises, large and small, to broadcast their voice and message to create stories and content worth listening to.


Rob’s own podcast, Inspirational Creatives, launched in 2014, has reached over 125,000 downloads globally; sharing stories and strategies about what it means to lead a successful and creative life. This series has featured over 100 interviews with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, artists, producers, psychologists, coaches and business leaders having been produced and marketed single-handedly by Rob.


Having led and created award-winning teams across the globe, Rob discovered coaching through podcasts and podcasts through coaching whilst holding leadership and managerial roles with Vodafone UK, HBOS Australia, Unisys, and AC Nielsen. With a life-long passion for sound, Rob received a scholarship and gained a first-class honours degree in audio production becoming a full member of the Audio Engineering Society and a member and contributor to the Association for Coaching and having recently hosted the Boost Your Coaching Business podcast series.


Today he teaches coaches and others how to use the power of sound to transform lives.


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